For chocolate lovers We created  an unique way to pumper yourself or to surprise your family, colleagues or friends.

Every month we offer you a combination of our top quality chocolates which will be delivered to your home or office.

Besides our standard product range, each package will contain a new type of chocolate or a new taste combination of pralines

The program is available in two options:

-                3 months ( 3boxes)

-                12 months (11boxes*)

The price of the suprise package is 399Kc/month, delivery included.

Please, apply for membership on the Application form page.


Examples boxes:


-100g tablet chocolate 80% Kumabo from Africa ( Ghana, Sao Thome and Thanzania)

-125g ballotin box with alcohol pralines ( grappino, puch, bombardino, plum liker and limonchello)

- 30g white chocolate with strawberies


- 150g ballotin box with fruit&nuts pralines ( lime, raspberries,black current, cocos, orange, pistachio, coffee, gianduja&coriander)

- 30g tablet chocolate green tee

- 30g tablet chocolate earlgrey


- 250g ballotin box with seasonal pralines ( walnut, lavender, poppy seed, pumpkin, whine jelly)


- 100g milk tablet & 100g white tablet chocolate  with easter bunny decoration

- 50g easter eggs in sachet


*taking in to account your holiday plan