100g Hazelnut & Pistachio


This chocolate has its roots in the Sambirano river valley, where the dark red soil of Madagascar is. It has a distinct taste with a natural touch of exotic woods, min. cocoa content 80%. Selected pieces of hazelnuts and pistachios are chocolate for lovers of classic things. It perfectly complements your favorite dessert wine or a well-chosen glass of selected liqueur.



Store at temperature from 12°C to 20°C in a dry place. Protect from direct light and sunlight.
Cocoa content: 
Item weight: 
179,00 Kčincl. DPH

Dark chocolate Madagascar 80% cocoa, 100% cocoa butter, natural vanilla, soya lecithin. Hazelnut, Pistachio. Allergens: Soya lecithin, Hazelnut, Pistachio