Terms & Conditions

Cambriel sro has it’s registered office at Nad Babim Dolem 406, Postcode 25064 Mesice u Prahy, and is registrered under company number 2760 5558 in the commercial register of the Municipal Court in Prague. VAT number is CZ27605558.
Cambriel sro is producing the chocolate products offered in the e-shop (the “goods”), and selling them under registered brand name Passion Chocolate - Handmade.

Contact Details
General contact : info@passionchocolate.cz
Legal-Financial questions : geert@passionchocolate.cz

1. This general terms and conditions govern the relationship between Cambriel sro (“the vendor”) and its clients ("customers"). When buying the products of Cambriel sro, client accept the terms and conditions.
The general terms and conditions are available in different languages on the website. The English version is taken as the authoritative standard.
In case of deviations between these terms and conditions and the contents of the Order Forms, the contents of the Order Form shall prevail.

2. With respect to products offered in the e-shop, the customer declares that they are intended for personal use (or as a gift, to be given away without charge) and will NOT be traded. Customers who wish to trade in the products are requested to get directly in touch with one of the sales agents, the chocolatier or the owner.
Up to date e-mail addresses can be found in the contact section of the e-shop.

3. Correspondence language
Following languages can be used by customers in correspondence with Cambriel sro : Czech, Slovak, English, Russian, German, Dutch, Flemish, French, and Hungarian. Cambriel sro will try to respond to customers in the language in which they approached the vendor. In cases of unavailability of qualified staff, answers will be provided in Czech language or English.

4. The product offer
The product offer is available on the web-site www.passionchocolate.cz (the "e-shop"), in good faith and as accurate as feasible. In case customers would require more information on the products, customers can address an e-mail to info@passionchocolate.cz.The information concerning the products and the pricing, as well as the detailed order information that the customer can see on the order pages, are compiled and issued subject to the right of amendment and correction being reserved.Photographs, videos, drawings or videos illustrating the products, are not contractually binding. Under no circumstances the vendor can be held liable for any errors that may occur.

5. Ordering process
By ordering products, the customer declares that he has the capacity to possess rights and be bound by obligations.
The customer orders products in the e-shop by
- selecting the product on the product overview screen; when pressing “add to cart”, 1 piece will be added to your shopping cart
- selecting the product on the individual product screen, adding the quantity and “add to cart”
On the shopping cart, the customer obtains a summary of the products he has selected, he can modify the quantity, remove items and check out to confirm the order. Confirmation of the order is done by providing e-mail address, shipping address and - when different - the billing details.
With the customer’s first purchase, an account is created and sent to the customer by e-mail. The customer then can activate his account by entering a user name or e-mail address and choose a password which shall remain personal and confidential and which he can use later to identify him on the site. The customer accepts that entering these two identifiers is deemed to be proof of his identify and his acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale.
The customer is offered different possibilities for payment :
- payment cards (performed via GoPay, a Czech company, holder of licence of Czech National Bank, and authorized to do business in the area of payment systems and clearing)
- bank transfer (customer instructs his bank to transfer the total amount and provides the order reference number)
- payment in cash at receipt of the goods (it is up to the vendor to accept this way of payment for each individual order)
After choosing the payment method and click on check-out, the order is recorded and final. The customer can no longer make corrections to the order, and accepts the price given for the chosen product(s).
The vendor records the order form in his electronic register, which shall be considered as valid proof of the nature, content and date of the order, the availability and price of the product.
The confirmation e-mail that the vendor sends to the customer, concludes the contract and implies the customer’s unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions. By vendor’s sending the confirmation of the order to the customer, the sale is concluded. Policy of the vendor is to send the confirmation e-mail only as and when the customer’s account was debited (or at acceptance of payment by cash at receipt of the goods).
The vendor reserves the right to suspend or refuse the processing of the order, subject to other conditions eg when incomplete, or erroneous data was supplied, payment didn’t arrive yet, failed payment of previous orders, or for any other reason that the vendor may consider appropriate. In such cases, the vendor will consider the sale to be cancelled.
In case of cash payment at collection or delivery, the vendor or it's third party delivery agent, can refuse hand-over unless payment is made.
Customer agrees that recorded orders are form proof of all the customer’s transactions on the site. The data recorded by the payment system are proof of the financial transaction.

6. Shipping to the Delivery Address and Collection of the goods
The customer can receive the ordered goods either by collection or by delivery. In case of delivery, the vendor will deliver the goods to the address as requested by the customer, but only for those countries for which the website permits delivery.
In case of collection, the customer will collect the goods in the shop at Praha – Kbely, or at collection points as and when they are available and listed on the web-site.
Vendor offers different ways of shipping the goods, each of them was selected carefully and tested to ensure the right transport conditions for the offered products. Prices listed are valid for the whole Czech Republic; exception is the Personal Delivery Home that is available only in the area of Prague.
We recommend shipping to a business address when possible, as a signature at receipt is generally required. If the recipient is not available, we leave a message on the door or deliver to a neighbour.
With our selected methods of delivery, we guarantee that your gift will be delivered in good condition, and within our guaranteed delivery time period. In the unlikely event that a delivery attempt is not made by such date, vendor will take all reasonable measures to inform customer thereof in advance.
With the delivery of the goods, a detailed invoice will be enclosed, corresponding to the order and drawn up in the name and billing address of the customer.
The delivery of products will, to the extent that it is possible, be undertaken within the period that is stated on the individual order confirmation. Possible delays in the delivery will under no circumstances lead to compensation being paid. Incorrect delivery addresses are the responsibility of the customer and may lead to additional costs.

7. Transfer of ownership of the goods
Until receipt by the customer, Cambriel sro remains the owner of the sold product. As by applicable law for immediate consumption goods, claims for damages or incompleteness – including claims of any observable issues - , the external inspection of the goods must be done no later than when taking over the finished product.

8. Prices
Prices show on the product pages, are expressed in CZK including VAT. Depending on the way of delivery, the delivery costs have to be added. The vendor reserves the right, to change his prices any time.

9. Processing orders
Orders are processed from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays or during seasonal closing. The ordered goods are dispatched within 1 to 7 working days following the payment of the order, unless in cases of force majeure.
If the product would be unavailable after the order has been validated, vendor will inform the customer as soon as possible by e-mail or phone.

10. Complaints procedure
Return of product shall be accepted only for defects in quality.
In cases where the product is delivered in bad condition (eg broken, damaged chocolate package), at arrival, customer must contact the vendor immediately at receipt (see point 6). Complaints to be addressed to info@passionchocolate.cz or by phone to one of the sales agent’s.
In case of complaints about quality aspects that can not be observed by visual inspection, the complaint has to be filed immediately after discovery, and appropriate storage conditions should be maintained until collection by the vendor. Whenever vendor confirms the deficiency, he shall arrange for the product to be returned with refund of the payment.
Any complaints regarding the payment execution, will be handled by the vendor, where applicable initiated with GoPay.
Exercised complaints are handled free of charge. In case of unjustified complaints, Customer will be charged with all costs related to the inspection and repair with a minimum of 2.000 CZK.

11. Personal Data Protection
Processing of the personal data of the customer will be done in compliance with the Act No 101/200 Coll. on personal data protection, and changes in some law as and when amended.
For execution of the payment via the e-shop, vendor will have to hand-over personal data, and will make sure that this will be restricted to such personal data acquired and processed in compliance with above referred Act.
Any personal data which customers provided the vendor through the web-site (as e-mail address, first and last name), will be recorded in the files of Cambriel sro. The data will be processed for the purposes of order management and deliveries, market studies and preparation of personalised promotional and information campaigns about vendor’s products and services.
If customer does not want to receive such information, he can notify vendor by e-mail or post.
By opening an account on our web-site (which customer can do after receipt of e-mail confirmation of the contact, and applying a user-id and password), customer provides vendor with the explicit consent for using his/her e-mail address and phone for information about vendor’s products/services.
By access of the customer’s account, customer can access, modify or delete his/her personal data.
Vendor will not provide customer data to third parties, and will take all reasonable measures to protect the data effectively against theft, loss and not-authorised use or access by third parties.
Data will not be kept beyond the legal limit.

12. Quality and Storage Conditions
Vendor guarantees the quality of the product for consumption by the customer. Thereto, the chocolate products provided by Cambriel sro, are stored and transported at recommended temperatures.
Vendor recommends the customer to comply to the recommend storage conditions to avoid disclaimer of liability for delivered goods. Storage conditions for the chocolate products are between 12 and 20 degrees, and separating the product from raw materials of different origin, due to the threat of contamination of other flavours or microorganisms.

13. Cancellation Policy
In accordance with the Act 634/1992 Coll. on Consumer Protection, the right of retraction does not apply to contracts made through the vendor’s e-shop.

14. Intellectual Property
All pictures, illustrations, texts and brand image on the passionchocolate.cz website are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. Any reproduction, in part or in full and without written vendor’s consent is prohibited.

15. Applicable law
The contracts between Vendor and Customer are governed by Czech Law.
In case of disputes, customer first contacts vendor by phone or e-mail to info@passionchocolate.cz to obtain bi-lateral settlement of the complaint.